Driving Lessons Wirral

Driving lessons on the Wirral have been provided by TopClass School of Motoring for more than 24 years. We’ve been driving our students all over the Wirral on routes through Birkenhead, WestKirby, Hoylake and up to Heswall. Our pass rate throughout the Wirral is highly successful and we promise to continue this with all our Wirral driving lesson students.

If you’re looking to start driving lessons on the Wirral or you want to pick up where you left off then please call our Wirral Driving School Head Office in Prenton on or 0151 677 3224 or 07939 872 740  to discuss the right lesson package for you. We’re always happy to hear from people across the Wirral of all ages who are dedicated to learning and passing their driving test.

If you’re thinking about become a Driving Instructor on the Wirral then see our Driving Instructor Training information page. You could enjoy a new career working when it suits you, being out of the office and doing something you enjoy; teaching others.