Question:What’s the biggest problem with the Driving Instruction industry?

Answer: Students are usually beginners and don’t know what level of service they are supposed to get!

Solution: Learn with Top Class School of Motoring, the best of all Wirral Driving Schools that has a reputation for quality for over 29 years.

But don’t take our word for it, read testimonials below from our students from all over the Wirral who’ve passed with us:



Sharon Bradley
Well I passed my driving test to day:-) would like to say a really big thank you too Dave for all the patients you had with me.


Jack, 17 years old. Oxton, Wirral.

I passed my test with Dave first go on both my Theory and Practical. Thanks for all your help. I’ll keep checking my mirrors I promise!

Kate, 22 years old. Heswall, Wirral.

Thanks Dave!!!!! I’m so happy that I FINALLY passed my Driving Test!!!!!! Best instructor on the Wirral by far and I had enough lessons to know hahahaha. I can’t wait to go and get my new car today!

Ben, 17 years old. Caldy, Wirral.

“I booked Top Class because two of my friends from college were learning with them already. I spoke to Dave and we decided that the 25 Lesson Course would be the best option for me to start with. I managed to pass my test in 24 lessons so I was given a refund for 1! I took my test at Upton and only got 4 minor faults. My girlfriend’s now learning with Dave and I woulnd’t recommend anyone else! Cheers!”

Beth Harris,18 years old. Upton ,Wirral

Passed my test first time with Dave and just did my pass plus today, thanks for everything.

Kelly, 34 years old. Hoylake, Wirral.

“I started my lessons with Top Class because I had stopped learning after having a crash on a lesson with another instructor. I booked in for a double lesson to begin with so Trevor could work out where I was up to and how long it would take me. My first lesson showed that I still had lots of nerves and bad memories of my crash. After alot of hard work from me (and Trevor!) In March 2011 I passed my test at the Wallasey Test Centre and haven’t stopped driving since! Thanks so much for all your help Trev! Kelly”

Hannah, 18 years old. Holmlands,Wirral.

Thank Trevor for being a great instructor x

Shaun, 26 years old. Prenton, Wirral.

I completed my Driving Instructor training with Top Class School of Motoring and passed both my Part 2 and Part 3 first time thanks to Dave’s training. I managed to get a Grade 5 on my first check test also thanks to some Check Test Preparation sessions. Dave’s 20+ years experience and teaching skills really helped me accelerate my learning. Thanks for all your help.

Georgia, 17 years old. Tranmere, Wirral.
A big thanks to Dave and Top Class, I passed my test today with only 2 minors

Tasha,19years old .Woodchurch Wirral

Thanks Dave,thats me our Shaun and me mum all passed with you,only the dog left ha ha

Congrats to Jess Clarke on passing her theory test today.

Well done to Kaine Hegarty,Sam Wilson and Hannah Stredder all passes this week Oct 2011

Tasha Breen joins the ever growing Top Class pass list today  Oct 2011


Johnny Hammett became the fastest pass of the year today.Well done John Oct 2011

More Top Class passes this week Nathan Moody and Rick Thompson.Nice one lads.

Alex Lynch,Claughton,now ive passed im finished with buses,thanks Dave

Kerry Teale I passed with topclass and wud defo recomend 2 any1 :) xx

Mario Monty,24,Wallasey,i passed today with 2 minors after failing 5 times with a so called big local driving school.Lucky i moved schools.Thanx all at Top Class.

Liam Woolfall joins the Top Class pass list.Well done Liam.

Ruth Brierly had a nice first time pass this week with Trevor.Well done Ruth.

Thanks To Dave at Top Class ive passed.Sorry for being hard work.Kelly Birchall, Prenton,very happy.

2012 first passes go to Holly Bowden and Stephen Leavey,well done to both.

Jayne and Mike from Claughton

Thanks for teaching Lauran she is so chuffed she passed and so are we.We will be recomending your school to all our friends and passing your cards on.Thanks again.

NICK JONES  big thanks to Julie at Top Class for helping me to pass my test.

LAUREN DUGGAN    thanks for all the help in passing my test Trev.

Nikkita Hammett  17  Prenton. Thanks to Dave im the third one in my family to pass with him,thank you.

RAY BOWE  59 years young — who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks ,thanks for all the help Dave.

Beth Thompson Noctorum,thanks Dave im loose in our new Corsa yipee

LUCY YOUNG,Bebington,aged 19,Parents comment,Hi Dave we are so pleased for Lucy now she has passed her test.Thanks so much for your patience and wonderful instruction it really is appreciated.Best wishes Helen and Steve.

Peter Whitty  16-11-18

failed twice with Chris Kelly and once with AA driving school but a massive thank you to Trevor who give me the confidence to pass first time with top class. highly recommended

Amanda Barnes reviewed Top Class Driving Wirral – 5 star

Thank you so much to Dave Robinson from Top class for all your help these past few months.
I was a nervous wreck on my first Refresher lesson, and now on my last lesson ending it driving my own little car around.
Best thing i done was having lessons in my own little car with dave as well. Feel so much more confident driving around now �
Cant thank you enough xx

Finally! What a good driving instructor can do ???????? thanks so much Dave Robinson




Top Class School of Motoring ensure all of our students have structured lessons plans including practical driving skills for when you’re driving alone. We guarantee you will walk away from every lesson feeling you’ve learnt a new skill.

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